As a company that regularly completes complex projects, it is only natural for us to pay special attention to the safety of our workforce on all of our sites around the world in order to maintain our excellent record. We share with our clients the importance of health and safety, because nothing is more important than the well-being of our various teams and the people around our projects.


The success of Forage G4 is based on our qualified and exceptionally experimented staff. Since the very beginning of our activities, we ensure safety on all of our work sites, small and large in order to avoid all accident risks. Our experience in all kinds of terrains and in all kinds of climates makes us a leader in respect to industry standards. Our prevention program often goes beyond formalities and our management plan is always made before the beginning of each project in order to evaluate the possible risk factors.


Our employees, in continuous training, go beyond industry standards in order to ensure that our work teams remain among the most skilled in regards to work health and safety. The safety of our staff and of the teams who gravitate around our projects is our priority.