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No Matter What Kind of Drilling

Forage G4 is specialized in all kinds of drilling and has an undeniable expertise with its research and development G4 banner that make it possible to invent and manufacture all of the parts and accessories necessary in order to ensure the success of each project.

Whether it be for surface drilling, underground drilling, drilling in rough terrain, directional drilling, heliportable or portable drilling, the drilling of service holes or of deep holes, our unequalled knowledge and experience will allow you to reach your objectives, whatever they are, and this, with the greatest possible environmental concern.

No Matter What the Ecosystems

Specialized in diamond drilling in rough terrain and in extreme conditions, Forage G4 acts with success where others have failed. From the Arctic to Latin America, in saprolite or subsoil with water problems including in permafrost, nothing can withstand our unrivalled expertise and our highly qualified team.

The majority of drilling sites being unique, an evaluation of the constraints is performed before starting the mandates in order to ensure their success. With foresight, we ensure the success of each of the projects in which we partake.

No matter where your deposit can be found, we will bring the necessary equipment and material to maximize drilling time. Whether it be by helicopter or horse-back, our team always finds a solution to go where necessary, and this, even in the most difficult conditions.

Superior Quality

Forage G4 offers superior drilling quality, which makes it possible to reach a lower production cost. Particular care is given to the recovery and identification of cores, thus easing the geologists’ work during analysis. Each sample is carefully handled and is immediately classified as soon as it is taken out in order to guarantee a maximum of reliable data.

Each of our drilling units is carefully assembled by our mechanical team, thus ensuring the control of the components’ quality and a large stock of parts so that drilling time is optimized. Each work crew is supported by a mechanic responsible for the proper functioning and the maintenance of each drill to limit unintentional stoppages.

Surface Drilling

Forage G4 is a specialist in diamond drilling in rough terrain and in all other difficult conditions. From the north to the south of America, we carry out many kinds of drilling work, from short to long holes, and this, no matter what the ecosystem.

Underground Drilling

Strengthened by our consortium, our various divisions are able to respond to all of your needs in regards to underground drilling. From exploratory drilling to the drilling of long holes and large diameter holes, we are able to carry out the work, whatever the climate.

We Succeed
Where Others Have Failed

  • Rough terrain,
  • Very high altitude sites,
  • Locations that are isolated and without access,
  • Territories with extreme temperatures,
  • Mountain slopes,
  • Difficult to drill ground,
  • Subsoil with water problems.
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